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Jun 12, 2024

Adapting to a Civil Engineering Work Environment as an International Student

Jennifer Dueñas López, MS’23, civil engineering, completed a bachelor’s degree in transportation and highway engineering in her home country of Colombia before moving to the Boston area. After graduating from Northeastern with a master’s degree in 2023, she returned to her co-op at HDR to work full-time.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

May 15, 2024

Personalizing a Path With Civil Engineering Co-ops and a Scholarship

Sebastian Lojano, E’24, civil engineering, had co-ops at Bond Brothers, DN Tanks, and Barletta Heavy Construction, which helped him determine his career plans. He was awarded a scholarship from The Moles, a national fraternal organization, for his demonstrated interest in the heavy construction industry.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Apr 24, 2024

Researching Data for Life-Cycle Assessments and Chemical Sustainability

CEE Associate Professor Matthew Eckelman and Abhijeet Parvatker, PhD’21, chemical engineering, collaborated on research about how the health care industry contributes to national and global emissions. This research later led Parvatker to pursue a consultant managing role at Sphera Solutions.

Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Apr 19, 2024

Developing Professional Goals Through Co-op and Community

Franklin Ollivierre, E’26, civil engineering, has been deeply invested in the College of Engineering’s programs ever since he joined the Young Scholars’ Program as a high school student. Now in his third year and on his second co-op, he has embraced a community that he is eager to give back to.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Apr 16, 2024

Designing a Civil Engineering Career With Scholarships, Co-ops, and Campus Involvement

Catherine Yates, E’25, is on track to a career in civil engineering and credits hard work, scholarships, two co-ops, and participation in student clubs for helping her achieve her goals.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Apr 09, 2024

Aiding Communities of All Sizes With Clean Water and Renewable Energy

Three unique co-ops helped Rotem Leshed, E’24, environmental engineering, see the endless possibilities as an environmental engineer in a changing, climate-focused world. They also gave her the chance to make an impact on local communities.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Apr 08, 2024

Using Co-op as a Stepping Stone Towards a Full-Time Career

Magdalene Sexton Dwyer, E’23, civil engineering and architectural studies, found that her civil engineering ambitions were influenced by her architectural work on co-op and her service-based extracurriculars. By combining her academics with her personal goals, she decided to focus on affordable and sustainable housing.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Apr 05, 2024

Expanding a Structural Engineering Co-op Into a Full-Time Position

Terenia Hankewycz, civil engineering, E’22, was able to go more in-depth with each co-op in the civil engineering industry. With a particular focus on structural engineering, she returned to one of her co-ops full-time after graduation.

Civil & Environmental Engineering