Research Thrusts

Urban Engineering comprises a promising generation of interdependent solutions. Legacy approaches are enhanced by new strategies for determining viability and solutions for larger-scale urban growth and renewal, sustainable construction and living, and environmental transformation. It forms the foundation of three key thrusts of education and research in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Urban Engineering is shown at the core of the vision, with three premier departmental strengths in Simulation (both computational and experimental), Sensors (including sensor development and deployment), and Monitoring (including diagnostics and system identification) forming core foundational fields of the department.

Building on current strengths and expanding into new and vital areas, three overarching themes are identified, including the below. Within each are two sub-fields, one focused on expansive systems engineering, one focused on component engineering.

Civil Infrastructure Security

infrastructure security research thrust stock photo

Environmental Health

environmental health stock photo

Sustainable Resource Engineering

sustainable resource engineering