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Convergent research with collaboration across government, industry, and academia

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering attracts exceptional faculty who conduct state-of-the-art research, are dedicated educators at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and advance the state of professional practice. Faculty conduct interdisciplinary research in department research areas, as part of the college’s multidisciplinary research centers and institutes, Research Initiatives, and within their laboratories, as well as working across the university, and with industry, government, and academia.

The department also has dedicated staff who provide a range of operational services, including laboratory technicians, a dedicated machine shop, and budget and finance.

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The department has a range of teaching and research strengths, anchored by several multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional centers and programs. Building on current strengths and expanding into new and vital areas, three overarching themes are identified, including Environmental Health, Civil Infrastructure Security, and Sustainable Resource Engineering. We have four premier departmental strengths in Simulation (both computational and experimental), Smart Sensing, and Data and Network Science, and Urban Informatics.

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Recent News

Monitoring Outbreaks of COVID in the Sewage

CEE Assistant Professor Ameet Pinto is working with Somerville officials to track outbreaks of COVID-19 by testing the city’s sewage.

Defending Against Mother Nature

While Hurricane Laura was the strongest storm to hit Louisiana in 160 years, CEE Professor Qin Jim Chen worked with local officials to best prepare for and predict the damage caused by the storm.

Air Quality and Human Health: Decreasing the Climate Penalty Through Pollution Control

In a new paper published in Nature Climate Change titled, “Weakening Aerosol Direct Radiative Effects Mitigate Climate Penalty On Chinese Air Quality,” CEE Professor and Distinguished Fellow Yang Zhang and her former visiting scholar and paper lead author Dr. Chaopeng Hong study how changes in Chinese government policies towards air pollution will affect human health.

Can Real-Time Microbial Monitoring Advance Microalgal Wastewater Treatment?

In a new $2M grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, CEE Assistant Professor Ameet Pinto is collaborating with researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Buffalo, a municipality, and private industry to study the use of algae in purifying wastewater and biofuel production.