As multi-modal transportation systems play a fundamental role in the vitality and sustainability of any city, transportation engineering provides one of the great opportunities to shape the future of a community. There exists a huge need worldwide to make transportation systems more efficient, intelligent, and sustainable. Cities worldwide are growing in population and are establishing ambitious goals for lessening auto dependency, promoting sustainable and healthy modes of transportation, and repurposing street space to make cities greener and more equitable. Advances in methods of intelligent control, data analytics, and new transportation paradigms such as Mobility As A Service provide an opportunity to reimagine transportation in many areas.

At Northeastern University, transportation engineering focuses on the planning and operations of sustainable multi-modal transportation systems, including urban road networks, public transportation, and facilities for walking and bicycling.

Areas of Study

  • Urban transportation planning
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Public transportation planning and management
  • Planning and design for pedestrians and bicycles
  • Traffic signal control and transit signal priority
  • Traffic safety and safe urban street design
  • Advanced data analysis in transportation
Professor Haris Koutsopoulos is an expert in intelligent transportation systems and urban mobility. Koutsopoulos studies public transportation systems in major cities around the globe to develop methods for improving efficiency.