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Plus One Environmental Engineering

PlusOne with MS in Environmental Engineering

PlusOne with MS in Environmental Engineering


Accelerated Master’s degrees allow students to accelerate the attainment of the master’s degree by applying graduate credits taken as an undergraduate toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Current students apply to enroll in the Accelerated Master’s Program.

With the PlusOne program, students attain their bachelor’s degree followed by a PlusOne year to complete the master’s degree.

Visit the relevant master’s degree program page for more information about the PlusOne pathway and degree requirements. Also, review the Curriculum Guides and the Accelerated Master’s Programs Policies and Procedures.

Acceptable Undergraduate Pathways

Eligible Undergrad Majors Additional Prerequisites
BS in Bioengineering
BS in Bioengineering and Biochemistry
BS in Chemical Engineering
BS in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry
BS in Chemical Engineering and Physics
BS in Civil Engineering
BS in Civil Engineering and Architectural Studies
BS in Environmental Engineering
BS in Environmental Engineering and Health Science
BS in Environmental Engineering and Landscape Architecture

Graduate Course Sharing

Students can apply up to four graduate level courses to both their undergraduate and graduate degrees, selected from the following list.

Select up to four of the following:

CIVE 5271 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management 4 SH
CIVE 5275 Life Cycle Assessment of Materials, Products, and Infrastructure 4 SH
CIVE 5300 Environmental Sampling and Analysis 2 SH
CIVE 5301 Lab for CIVE 5300 2 SH
CIVE 7250 Environmental Chemistry 4 SH
CIVE 7251  Environmental Biological Processes 4 SH
CIVE 7255  Environmental Physical/Chemical Processes 4 SH
CIVE 7260  Hydrologic Modeling 4 SH
CIVE 7261  Surface Water Quality Modeling 4 SH
CIVE 7272  Air Quality Management 4 SH

Haris Koutsopoulos
Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies,  Civil and Environmental Engineering
Affiliated Faculty,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Urban transportation networks and informatics, mobility on demand, intelligent transportation systems, public transportation operations

Academic Advising

For support with academic questions, contact the academic advisor assigned to BS program of the PlusOne pathway of interest.