Construction Management Electives


Note: These are the suggested electives for those students interested in the field of Construction Management.
Please consult the registrar’s catalog for a complete listing of degree requirements and electives.

Course #Course TitleSH
Project Electives
CIVE 4554Highway Design4
Technical Electives
CIVE 4542Foundation Engineering and Design4
CIVE 4575Construction Management3
CIVE 4780Timber and Masonry Structures: Technology and Design Abroad4
CIVE 5221Construction Project Control and Organization2
CIVE 5231Alternative Project Delivery Systems in Construction2
CIVE 5271Solid and Hazardous Waste Management4
SBSY 5100Sustainable Design and Technologies in Construction4
SBSY 5200Sustainable Engineering Systems for Buildings4
SBSY 5250Building Performance Simulation4
SBSY 5300Information Systems for Integrated Project Delivery4
Science Electives
ENVR 1101Environmental Science4
ENVR 1200Dynamic Earth4
ENVR 2310 and
ENVR 2311
Earth Materials + Lab for ENVR 23114
ENVR 2515Sustainable Development4
ENVR 3300 and
ENVR 3301
Geographic Information Systems + Lab for ENVR 33004
CEE General Electives
ARCH 1450Understanding Design4
ARCH 2250Introduction to Sustainable Design in Architecture4
CIVE 5261Dynamic Modeling for Environmental Investment and Policy Making4
COMM 1112Public Speaking4
COMM 1113Business and Professional Speaking4
CS 2500 and
CS 2501
Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 + Lab for CS 25004
CS 3200Database Design4
CS 3520Programming in C++4
ECON 3410Labor Economics4
ECON 3420Urban Economic Issues4
ECON 3425Energy Economics4
EECE 2210 and
EECE 2211
Electrical Engineering + Lab for EECE 22104
ENGW 3302Advanced Writing in the Technical Professions4
ENLR 5121Engineering Leadership 12
EMGT 5220Engineering Project Management4
ENTR 2301Innovation4
GE 5010Customer-Driven Technical Innovation for Engineers4
GE 5020Engineering Product Design Methodology4
GE 5100Product Development for Engineers4
IE 3412Engineering Probability and Statistics4
IE 4512Engineering Economy4
IE 4515Operations Research4
IE 4516Quality Assurance4
IE 4525Logistics and Supply Chain Management4
IE 4600Systems Design for Sustainability4
IE 4625Facilities Planning and Material Handling4
MGMT 3530Project Management4
PHIL 1170Business Ethics4