NEWEA: New England Water Environment Association, NU Student Chapter

The New England Water Environment Association is a dynamic organization of over 2100 highly qualified and motivated Water and Wastewater Professionals from throughout New England, who volunteer their time, energy and expertise in order to preserve, protect and manage one of our most precious resources here in New England, our water environment.

The mission of NU NEWEA is to connect students and professionals in the water and environment profession. Through bi-weekly lecture series, NU NEWEA hopes to give students an opportunity not only to learn about current and future projects in their field but also to network and develop relationships with future employers and co-workers. In addition to the lecture series, NEWEA holds and semesterly trivia night and organizes several volunteering opportunities.

Their members contribute to “the friendly exchange of information and experience”. As a volunteer organization, they exist solely because of the involvement and contribution of each member.

Student Organization Advisor

Annalisa Onnis-Hayden
Teaching Professor and Vice Chair for Undergraduate Studies,  Civil and Environmental Engineering

Biological treatment processes; ecotoxicology and toxicity assessment; microbial population dynamics and ecology in engineered biological systems