Northeastern University Launches New Certificates in Climate and Sustainability Engineering

Northeastern University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has launched two new graduate certificate programs, aimed at providing students with the skills to face some of our most pressing societal and engineering challenges. The two new graduate programs include a Certificate in Climate and Engineering and a Certificate in Sustainability Engineering. “These certificates will provide both credentials and skills for those looking to position themselves within industry as the up-and-coming leaders for solving emerging engineering and policy challenges related to climate change,” said Jerome Hajjar, CDM Smith Professor and Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The Certificate in Climate and Engineering is a 12-credit program consisting of one core course and two electives. The program is geared towards STEM students and pairs well with MS and PhD programs within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. This program provides students with the foundational knowledge of how climate change will impact engineered systems and approaches for adaptation at multiple scales. Students will also acquire the analytical skills to evaluate technologies and engineering approaches for safety, climate effectiveness, and equality in societal costs and benefits.

The Certificate in Sustainability Engineering is a 16-credit program that allows students to choose courses from a selection of elective groups. Geared towards students either with or without an engineering background, the four-course certificate provides foundational knowledge for non-engineers to work on multidisciplinary topics to address sustainability challenges, including engineering perspectives, toolsets, and data methods.

The programs may be taken full-time, part-time, as a stand-alone program, or as an addition to your Master’s or PhD study. Interested applicants may select this program when applying through the College of Engineering application portal. Current students may apply for a certificate by contacting the Graduate School of Engineering.

For those with specific questions or an interest in learning more about these programs, please contact

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