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Graham Green Wins DN Tanks Co-Op Scholarship

Graham Green, a Civil Engineering BS student from Orange, Massachusetts, recently received a DN Tanks Co-op Scholarship. DN Tanks, an engineering firm that builds industrial tanks at sites around the world, confers the scholarships each year on co-ops or interns to “recognize the students who make unique contributions and exhibit DN Tanks’ Core Values.” In announcing his scholarship win, DN Tanks stated Green “always welcomes a new challenge and would enthusiastically put in the extra work needed to learn and enhance his knowledge of the tank design process.” The company also cited his contagious positivity and can-do attitude.

Green spent six months working for DN Tanks in their engineering department as an engineering design co-op. He participated in the design and construction of 1.00 million-gallon water storage tanks in Colorado and Kansas and was recently assigned his own tank to design at a ski resort in Maine. “I am planning on focusing on structural engineering, so the exposure I have gotten to structural analysis, AutoCAD, and building codes has been extremely useful,” said Green.

Civil engineering has long drawn Green’s interest. “I have always marveled at how we are able to construct the most awe-inspiring buildings and infrastructure, and I want to be able to help develop spaces that will serve people and make their lives better, whether it be a state-of-the-art hospital or a new tunnel to help alleviate traffic congestion,” he said. Expecting to graduate in 2022, Green would like to work on designing spaces using recycled materials. “This industry is guilty of being extremely carbon intensive, and I’d love to explore ways of changing construction and design practices to help minimize our development’s impact on the environment,” he explained. He would also like to explore ways to make housing more affordable. “It’s great that we can build massive skyscrapers with $40 million penthouses, but I would rather make a difference for everyday people.”

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