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Brianna Pasache Wins Spring 2020 DN Tanks Scholarship

Briana Pasache, third year civil engineering student at Northeastern University, was recently awarded the DN Tanks scholarship for her excellent work while on co-op with the company. DN Tanks is a firm that specializes in developing long-term liquid storage tanks for their global clientele. Their scholarship program aims to recognize co-op/intern students who represent the organization’s mission and add significant value.

Pasache is originally from Valhalla, New York and is specializing in Structural Engineering. “I am passionate about design. Prior to co-op, I loved the idea of using calculations and creativity to design massive structures and watch them come to life. When I was younger, I dreamed of designing a bridge. One day I would love to bring this dream to fruition by leading a design team in the development of one.”

Over the past 6 months, Pasache displayed enthusiasm and a drive to accumulate knowledge about the industry and her role as an engineering co-op. She collaborated with design engineers at the firm on diverse projects and consistently maintained professionalism. Pasache effectively analyzed pile-supported floor systems and was involved in the design of several high-profile projects including in Ashburton, East St. Louis, and Accokeek.

“I feel honored to have received the scholarship. To me, it is a testament to all the hard work and dedication I put into these last few months. From the beginning, I wanted to deliver my best work and help the Engineering team to the best of my ability. Along the way, I was able to gain a solid understanding of engineering concepts thanks to my manager and the rest of the team, so I am very grateful for them,” Pasache said.

Pasache has also maintained a position on the Dean’s List and is scheduled to graduate in 2023.

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