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Apr 10, 2009

Engineers make the World a Better Place

By becoming an engineer, you have an excellent opportunity to develop and improve the way we live our lives. Three engineering students were recently interviewed by Network World to share their thoughts on how Northeastern has prepared them for their careers.

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Mar 30, 2009

Students Design Plans for Boston Bike Trail

The plan for Boston's long-awaited bicycle trail may be incubating right now in a Northeastern University engineering lab.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Feb 11, 2009

Prof Yegian's research on the Cover of Civil Engineering Magazine

Prof. Mishac Yegian's modeling of the Brooklyn Bridge evaluates its ability to withstand a 2,500-year seismic event.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Feb 09, 2009

Prof Hellweger demonstrates that photosynthesis genes affect the fitness of marine species

Ferdi Hellweger, assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering, has found using a computer simulation that eliminating photosynthesis genes from marine viruses will negatively impact the fitness of these viruses causing them to die out.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jan 06, 2009

$9 Million Grant Awarded to Assess the Condition of Bridges and Roadways

The VOTERS (Versatile Onboard Traffic Embedded Roaming Sensors) project, led by Prof. Ming Wang and Sara Wadia-Fascetti, will gather accurate, up-to-date condition information on roadways and bridges using compact instrument packages installed in cars and trucks.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dec 17, 2008

Engineers Without Borders visit Honduras

Check out the EWB student website for video from their latest trip to Honduras and their focus on providing clean water to the village of Los Planes.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dec 10, 2008

Engineers without Borders student group to return to Honduras

After being named "Project of the Month" in October, Engineers without Borders return to Honduras to continue work with their new water system.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dec 05, 2008

Professor’s aim – better bike paths

Engineering professor and bike enthusiast Peter Furth, along with his civil engineering students, is involved in projects for building better bike paths.

Civil & Environmental Engineering