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Sara Wadia-Fascetti

Sep 15, 2022

In Mexico City, Public Transit Takes to the Air

Vice Provost of the PhD Network & CEE Professor Sara Wadia-Fascetti was featured in the Northeastern Experience magazine article “In Mexico City, public transit takes to the air.”

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Sep 07, 2022

Research Team Uses Math To Help Allocate Resources During Natural Disasters

CEE Associate Professor Qi Ryan Wang was featured in the EastMojo article “Research Team Uses Math To Help Allocate Resources During Natural Disasters.”

Civil & Environmental Engineering


Sep 06, 2022

Ganguly Featured for Global Weirding in Pakistan

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly was featured in multiple articles regarding how global weirding is contributing to Pakistan’s deadly floods. Newsweek: Global Weirding: Humans Have Caused Chaos on Earth Irshi Videos: Pakistan Floods: From Melting Glaciers to ‘Monster Monsoon’, What Caused Deadly Floods? IV News Independent: What caused Pakistan’s deadly floods? From melting glaciers to ‘monster’ […]

Civil & Environmental Engineering


Sep 05, 2022

When Will the Heatwave in California End?

Auroop R. Ganguly, director of the Sustainability & Data Sciences Laboratory at Northeastern University, told Newsweek that this so-called “global weirding” will only continue to worsen as greenhouse emissions skyrocket.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Aug 12, 2022

Can Nature-based Alternatives to Seawalls Keep the Waves at Bay?

“We’re not creating a solid barrier, but we’re using a network of these little units around the shoreline to achieve wave energy dissipation,” said Julia Hopkins, assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering at Northeastern University. (Featured in The Guardian)

Civil & Environmental Engineering


Jul 27, 2022

Ganguly Quoted in Two Newsweek Articles

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly was quoted in two Newsweek articles about the increased droughts that have caused water levels to drop in Lake Mead and Lake Wilson. Locally, Ganguly was featured in the Boston 25 News story “Extreme temperatures, demand straining electricity system in Massachusetts.”

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jul 19, 2022

Boston Public Radio Full Show: July 19, 2022

Julia Hopkins explained the focus of her “Emerald Tutu” project, which would create a skirt of floating greenery along the most vulnerable parts of Boston’s shore. Hopkins is an assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University, and on a team of researchers hoping to install an “Emerald Tutu” along the city’s coast. […]

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jul 11, 2022

Northeastern Researchers Have a Plan to Protect Boston from Rising Sea Levels: Floating Vegetation Mats They Call the ‘Emerald Tutu’

CEE Assistant Professor Julia Hopkins was featured in the Boston Globe article “Northeastern researchers have a plan to protect Boston from rising sea levels: floating vegetation mats they call the ‘Emerald Tutu’.” Hopkins’ research with the Emerald Tutu has also been featured in,, The Guardian, Boston Globe, WBZ Newsradio, and Boston 25 New’s […]

Civil & Environmental Engineering