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Loretta A. Fernandez

Associate Professor, 
jointly appointed in Civil and Environmental Engineering & Marine and Environmental Sciences

Environmental organic chemistry; passive sampling methods for organic contaminants in water and sediments; transport, transformation, and biological exchange of organic contaminants in the environment

Stephen Flynn

Founding Director, 
Global Resilience Institute

critical infrastructure resilience; public policy

Auroop R. Ganguly

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Water & Climate Science, Data & Network Science, and Infrastructure Resilience

Edgar D. Goluch

Associate Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

Detection of biomolecules at the nanoscale, specifically inside micro and nanofluidic channels. This is applied to a broad range of scientific fields including: biophysics, micro and systems biology, ecology, environmental sensing, and analytical instrumentation

Brian Helmuth

Affiliated Faculty, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ecological forecasting and resilience of coastal environments

Michael Kane

Assistant Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Occupant-centric building controls, community resilience, model predictive control, hybrid systems

Haris Koutsopoulos

Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Urban transportation networks and informatics, mobility on demand, intelligent transportation systems, public transportation operations

Mark Patterson

jointly appointed in Marine and Environmental Sciences & Civil and Environmental Engineering

Development of autonomous underwater robots for civil infrastructure and marine sensing; decision support tools for gray/green infrastructure like tide gates; environmental fluid mechanics; biomechanics and mass transfer in living systems

Kelsey Pieper

Assistant Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Applied environmental chemistry; corrosion; drinking water quality, treatment, and infrastructure; post-disaster drinking water recovery; public health engineering

Michael B. Silevitch

Robert D. Black Professor, COE Distinguished Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Subsurface sensing and imaging systems, detection of explosives-related anomalies, engineered system development and engineering leadership

Jennie C. Stephens

Affiliated Faculty, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Renewable energy transformation, reducing fossil fuel reliance, energy resilience, energy democracy, climate engineering, gender & energy, integrating social justice with climate and energy innovations

Ming L. Wang

COE Distinguished Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Network-wide pavement and bridge deck inspections: sensor technology for infrastructure; saliva-based sensor technology for disease diagnosis and monitoring; structural health monitoring for bridges; subsurface fault detection using air-coupled GPR systems

Qi “Ryan” Wang

Assistant Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Urban and social resilience; geo-social networking; coupled, human-natural systems, natural disaster response and evacuation; urban computing