Minor in Architectural Engineering

Minor in Architectural Engineering


Architectural engineering is a field of engineering that encompasses elements of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, and related fields to plan, design, and create buildings within the urban environment. It includes the architectural and structural design, mechanical systems design, computational controls and sensing, and sustainable engineering strategies.

Innovative Curriculum

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary work and of exposing students to the great richness in a classroom of diverse students from multiple majors bringing their own perspectives. The prospect of engineering students in architecture classes and vice versa stands to benefit all the students, whether or not they are enrolled in the minor.

The minor in architectural engineering opens opportunities for students across the university who are interested in a unique and multidisciplinary approach to the built environment. For engineering students, this minor offers an opportunity to work in the built environment and to better understand architecture, while for architecture students this is an opportunity to acquire the technical knowledge of a course of study in an engineering minor.

A total of 20 semester hours (SH) are required to complete this minor. Students will be required to complete 8 SH of required courses and 12 SH of approved elective courses from several colleges and departments at the university. Students interested in this minor must contact the civil engineering academic advisor in order to declare the minor.

  • Audience: This minor in Architectural Engineering is designed for any major and is open to any undergraduate student at the university.
  • Double count no more than 2 courses with any major or graduate degree requirement, other than general electives.

How to Declare a COE Minor

  • If you are a COE student, please contact your assigned academic advisor to declare a COE Minor.
  • If you are a non-COE student, please submit the College of Engineering Declaration of Minor form.¬† An academic advisor will be in contact with you within 2 weeks of the form submission.


Program Contacts

Annalisa Onnis-Hayden
Teaching Professor and Vice Chair for Undergraduate Studies,  Civil and Environmental Engineering

Biological treatment processes; ecotoxicology and toxicity assessment; microbial population dynamics and ecology in engineered biological systems

Academic Advisors

For support with academic questions, contact the academic advisor assigned to this program.