Which Degree Program is Right for You?

An MS in Civil Engineering with Concentration in Water, Environmental and Coastal Systems vs. An MS in Environmental Engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers several different degree programs addressing the broad range of topics that are fundamental to the field.  The most relevant driver for your choice of degree program should be an assessment of which will best prepare you for your future career, and which includes topics that are of most interest to you to study.  In the technical areas of Environmental Engineering, Water Resources, Coastal Engineering and Systems, and related fields, the faculty are offering these two separate degrees:  an MS in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Water, Environmental and Coastal Systems and an MS in Environmental Engineering.

Aron Stubbins, associate professor of marine & environmental sciences and civil & environmental engineering, inspects microplastics from the open ocean. ""

These two degrees provide flexibility and choice in your academic program and credentials.  Evaluating the content of the core required coursework for each degree will provide a good indicator of the types of topics covered and the types of projects that may be of interest to your future. You may create breadth and depth of expertise in either program through your selection of courses.

Program requirements and course options

What is right for me?

We appreciate that each student has unique interests and objectives. If you are unsure which of these two programs is better suited for your career goals, please get in touch with either of our faculty below to discuss your interests.