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Sara Wadia-Fascetti

Professor and Vice Provost of PhD Network, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Condition assessment methodologies for infrastructure systems; life cycle and life span analysis; structural and earthquake engineering uncertainty

Ming L. Wang

COE Distinguished Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Network-wide pavement and bridge deck inspections: sensor technology for infrastructure; saliva-based sensor technology for disease diagnosis and monitoring; structural health monitoring for bridges; subsurface fault detection using air-coupled GPR systems

Qi “Ryan” Wang

Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Research, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Urban and social resilience; geo-social networking; coupled, human-natural systems, natural disaster response and evacuation; urban computing

Irvine W. Wei

Professor Emeritus, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ozonation & Chlorination of Water, Advanced Oxidation Processes, Chemical Precipitation & Coagulation, Kinetics & Mechanism of Chemical Processes
Megan Woodbury

Megan Woodbury

Postdoctoral Research Associate, 

Prenatal exposures and neurodevelopment, neurotoxicology, environmental epidemiology, environmental health, public health, endocrine disrupting chemicals, drugs and supplements, interactive effects of exposures