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John Sangster

Assistant Teaching Professor, 
First Year Engineering Program

Engineering education with a focus on differentiated curricula. Transportation engineering with a focus on alternative intersection designs.

Mehrdad Sasani

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Progressive collapse of structures; earthquake engineering; structural integrity and reliability; building and community resilience
Photo of Schulte-Grahame

Kathryn Schulte Grahame

Teaching Professor and Associate Director, 
First Year Engineering Program

Service-learning in engineering, sustainable urban design; alternative energy sources; green roof technology; soil-liquid infiltration physics

Thomas C. Sheahan

Senior Vice Provost for Curriculum and Programs Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Soft ground engineering, coastal adaptation, education and training for engineers and scientists

Craig Shillaber

Assistant Teaching Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Geotechnical subsurface characterization through in-situ and laboratory methods; quantification of construction energy and carbon; sustainable geotechnics

Michael B. Silevitch

Robert D. Black Professor, COE Distinguished Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Subsurface sensing and imaging systems, detection of explosives-related anomalies, engineered system development and engineering leadership

Lura Slowinski

Program Manager, 

Jennie C. Stephens

Affiliated Faculty, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Renewable energy transformation, reducing fossil fuel reliance, energy resilience, energy democracy, climate engineering, gender & energy, integrating social justice with climate and energy innovations

Aron Stubbins

Associate Professor, 
jointly appointed in Marine and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Chemical Biology & Civil and Environmental Engineering

environmental chemistry; geochemistry; the carbon cycle; freshwater, coastal and ocean biogeochemistry; feedbacks between natural biogeochemical cycles and climate change; permafrost; black carbon; aquatic microplastics

Hao Sun

Assistant Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

(1) physics-informed AI; (2) physics-encoded deep learning for scarce data interpretation; (3) data-driven governing law discovery; (4) symbolic learning and reasoning; (5) smart and resilient infrastructure; (6) advanced sensing, big data analytics, machine/deep learning, uncertainty quantification and inverse computational mechanics with applications to civil infrastructure monitoring and resilience assessment