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Michelle Laboy

Assistant Professor, 
School of Architecture

Building and site systems integration; structures and landscape performance; building and urban resilience; green infrastructure; socio-ecological factors in design, transdisciplinary teaching and learning

Philip Larese-Casanova

Associate Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Physical, chemical, and electrochemical transformation processes of metallic, inorganic, and organic water pollutants, with applications to groundwater environments and unit operations
Jack Lesko

Jack Lesko

jointly appointed in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering & Civil and Environmental Engineering

emerging interdisciplinary design involving lightweight polymeric multifunctional materials, structural design and reliability, packaging, and energy systems
Yiannis Levendis

Yiannis Levendis

COE Distinguished Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Gasification and combustion of solid fuels, generation and containment of combustion-generated pollution, synthesis and characterization of combustion-generated materials, fire suppression – fire extinction, engine design and operation