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Jun 08, 2022

Climate-driven Flooding Poses Well Water Contamination Risks

“Areas that hadn’t been impacted are now. New areas are getting flooded,” said Kelsey Pieper, a Northeastern University professor of environmental engineering. “We know the environment is shifting and we’re playing catch-up, trying to increase awareness.” (Featured in AP)

Civil & Environmental Engineering

May 09, 2022

How Bad Are Incandescent Light Bulbs for the Environment?

CEE Associate Professor Matthew Eckelman was featured in the Popular Science article “How bad are incandescent light bulbs for the environment?“

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Samuel Munoz

Apr 06, 2022

NSF Backs Study of Mississippi River’s Response to Climate Change

MES/CEE Assistant Professor Samuel Muñoz was featured in the EurekaAlert article “NSF backs study of Mississippi River’s response to climate change“.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Mar 08, 2022

In The Big Dig’s Shadow

CEE Chair and Professor Jerome Hajjar featured in the Boston Business Journal article “In The Big Dig’s Shadow.”

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Feb 08, 2022

The Secret to Beijing’s Olympic Venues? More than Half the Buildings Were Used Before

CAMD/CEE Associate Professor David Fannon was featured in the Fast Company article “The secret to Beijing’s Olympic venues? More than half the buildings were used before.”

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jan 31, 2022

What does Poor Rating for Collapsed Bridge Mean for Others?

CEE Chair and Professor Jerome Hajjar was featured in the Washington Post article “What does poor rating for collapsed bridge mean for others?” to talk about how sufficient funding is needed to repair aging infrastructure.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dec 21, 2021

Civil Engineers Are Adjusting Designs and Materials to Make them more Sustainable, but Experts Say many more Solutions Are Needed

CEE Chair Jerome Hajjar, was featured in the Business Insider article “Civil engineers are adjusting designs and materials to make them more sustainable, but experts say many more solutions are needed“

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dec 21, 2021

Remote Sensing Could Predict Well Water Quality After Floods

CEE Assistant Professor Kelsey Pieper was featured in the EOS article “Remote Sensing Could Predict Well Water Quality After Floods,” with her research to help better inform disaster recovery efforts.

Civil & Environmental Engineering