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CEE Communication Lab

The Comm Lab offers in-person, peer-to-peer coaching for graduate-level writing and communication tasks.

We bring a discipline-specific perspective to assisting you with the task at hand –whether you’re working on a manuscript, poster, presentation, or other project!

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Comm Lab Fellows

Robert Phillips Robert Phillips is a 4th year PhD candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering. His research interests lie at the intersection of resilience and sustainability for the built environment, with a specific focus on commercial buildings. Robert has several first author publications in scientific journals and both oral and poster presentations at major conferences in the field.
Max Rome Max Rome is a 3rd year PhD candidate working under Dr. Ed Beighley. He is interested in understanding eutrophication and translating ecological research into tools that can be used by environmental engineers for better managing aquatic pollution. Max loves thinking about the visual representation of data and enjoys the challenge of drafting readable and engaging technical writing. Ask him about the Charles River floating wetland.